Flowers at Work

So I bought my wife some flowers today. Of course, her coworkers asked her what she did to deserve it (or what I did wrong), and she simply says that I bought them “just because”. See, the “just because” is actually a lot, but I think that society as a whole tends to devalue the contribution of a mother/wife/career-woman.

This weekend I started thinking about what my wife’s workday schedule has turned into (shame on me that it took me a couple of months to realize this).

  • 4:30AM – Feed Lily
  • 5AM-6:30AM – Start getting ready for the day, pump milk for later that morning, eat breakfast, pack baby’s diaper bag so it’s ready for grandma’s house (baby sitter)
  • 6:30AM Feed Lily
  • 7AM Kisses me and Lily goodbye and goes to work
  • 7AM-1PM Work a full schedule and squeeze in time to pump milk, which means that she doesn’t have any breaks, because when she’s not “working” she’s making sure that our baby has the most nutritious thing possible to sustain our daughter by pumping milk
  • 1PM-2PM Goes to her mom’s house, eats something quickly and feeds Lily
  • 2PM-5PM Full schedule, squeeze in a pumping session
  • 5PM Pick up Lily
  • 5:45PM Drop Lily and her stuff off at home. Wash clothes, dishes, or one of the dozens of other things that need to be done around the house
  • 6:15PM Go to work out at the gym
  • 6:30PM-7:30PM Zumba time (workout/destress)
  • 8PM-9PM Eat something light, get ready for bed

Where are the breaks? Where is the chance to just sit down and relax? If she’s not working out at the gym then she’s cleaning up the house or doing one of the other million wife/mom things.

I bought my wife flowers today and society thinks I’m a great husband. Well, I think we need to take a second a think about all the things that wives and mommies do, and ask yourself if just flowers are enough.


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